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Weihenstephan Microbial Strain Collection

The strain collection of the microbiology unit specializes on food borne bacteria and yeasts. These general collections are growing steadily due to isolates resulting from routine identification work of our service department and the development of FT-IR technology for the identification of microorganisms. The bacterial collection also contains many strains of food borne pathogens. In addition, three specialized collections have been established which form the basis of current research projects. Our collections harbor a total of about 13000 strains.

WSGeneral collection of bacteria: ca. 4000 strains
WSYCGeneral collection of yeastsca.   750 strains
WSMCGeneral collection of mouldsca.   350 strains
WSLC Research collection of Listeria: ca. 1900 strains 
WSBC Research collection of Bacillus cereus Group:ca. 1100 strains
 Research collection of yeastsca. 3000 strains
Research collection of coryneform bacteria: ca. 1200 strains

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