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Overlapping Genes: Bioinformatics and Evolution

Group leader until 2021: Dr. Zachary Ardern

The redundancy of the genetic code, whereby an amino acid can be encoded by more than one possible nucleotide triplet (codon), enables overlapping protein sequences to be encoded in alternate reading frames of a nucleotide sequence.

The ‘overlapping genes: bioinformatics and evolution group’ is engaged in inferring the presence of unannotated overlapping genes (OLGs) in bacteria using the wealth of existing relevant bioinformatic data. This includes data on transcription and translation from various kinds of RNA sequencing as well as proteomics. Within RNA sequencing we have a particular focus on ribosome profiling.

We are also interested in the evolutionary history of OLGs, and what is required for a successful ‘overprinting’ event leading to an overlapping gene pair. The evolutionary aspect of our research includes investigating the structure of the genetic code and its contribution to overlapping protein-coding sequences.

TUM Masters students interested in conducting practical research or thesis work with us please contact Dr Zachary Ardern.


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